We have made it our mission to provide simple answers to all questions, including the really tough ones.

Our economy is changing at an unprecedented and downright dizzying pace. Surrounded by a multitude of trends and developments, it can be quite a challenge to stay in control of your processes and even your business. When calling on others for advice or support, the last thing you need is some blurry answer peppered with jargon that only adds to the chaos. To help you (re)gain focus, 4apps group strives to provide both answers and solutions that are easy to understand and solve your problems or meet your requirements in a fundamental way.


Through our mission, we seek to gain the respect and trust of our customers to become their trusted advisor from start (implementation) to finish (saying goodbye to your current ERP system).

Our objective is that customers can focus on their strategic goals instead of their operational processes. Therefore, our approach is output driven. Because with the right output from your system, you are able to run your business properly. And we believe that, if we achieve to make ourselves redundant, we have done a good job.

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Why choose 4apps group?

Level of expertise:

  • We have a primary focus on ERP (20 years of experience) and a unique level of experience as shown in the picture;
  • Most of our consultants have a business (process) background. As a result, they perfectly understand your challenges which they address with all the necessary technical and functional IT knowledge;
  • On average, our consultants have over 15 years of relevant experience.
Level of expertise

Expertise center:

  • Our ERP Expertise Center has been an integral part of 4apps right from the start, providing the highest level of both offsite and onsite support services to our customers;
  • Our 4apps-as-a-Service (4aas) acts as a failsafe for our customers provides instant and flexible On Demand Solution Support, both onsite as well as remote.

Early customer involvement:

  • Our (project) approach is to involve our customers in projects every step of the way, which translates into benefits such as reduced training requirements as well as accelerated and a higher degree of acceptance within their organization. At the same time, it allows for adjustments to be made at an early stage to avoid unnecessary spending later on.

Extensive VAT knowledge:

  • Unusual as it may sound, coming from an ERP consultancy company we can take care of your VAT automation ‘on the fly’, as this happens to be another of our specialties.

Our personal values:



Genuine interest in our customers

Other reasons include:

  • We combine the best elements of the Netsuite implementation methodology with our own approach which has evolved throughout 20 years of existence;
  • Our consultants are all trained by the Netsuite Foundation;
  • We are an Oracle Gold Partner.