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How can NetSuite help platform organizations with their operational controls

4apps group, 25 January 2024

NetSuite is a cloud-based business management software that can help platform organizations improve their internal controls. Platform organizations are those that connect different groups of users, such as buyers and sellers, or service providers and customers, through a digital platform.

Platform organizations face unique challenges in managing their financial operations, such as:

  • Accounting for complex revenue streams from multiple sources and channels
  • Tracking and reporting on the performance of different segments and categories of users
  • Ensuring compliance with tax regulations and reporting standards across different jurisdictions
  • Managing cash flow and liquidity across multiple currencies and payment methods
  • Automating billing, invoicing, and collections processes for large volumes of transactions
  • Providing visibility and transparency to stakeholders, such as investors, regulators, and partners

Internal controls are the policies and procedures that an organization implements to ensure
the reliability and accuracy of its financial reporting, compliance with laws and regulations,
and effectiveness and efficiency of its operations. Internal controls can help platform
organizations mitigate the risks associated with their business model, such as fraud, data
breaches, customer complaints, and regulatory violations.

NetSuite can help platform organizations on their internal controls in several ways:

  • NetSuite provides a single source of truth for all financial transactions and data across the
    platform, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.
  • NetSuite enables real-time visibility and reporting of key performance indicators and
    metrics, such as revenue, expenses, cash flow, customer satisfaction, and user engagement,
    allowing platform organizations to monitor and evaluate their performance and identify areas
    for improvement.
  • NetSuite automates and streamlines workflows and processes, such as invoicing, billing,
    payments, collections, reconciliation, tax compliance, and auditing, enhancing the efficiency
    and accuracy of financial operations.
  • NetSuite supports multiple currencies, languages, tax regimes, and regulatory standards,
    facilitating the expansion and scalability of platform organizations in different markets and
  • NetSuite offers robust security features and controls, such as encryption, authentication,
    authorization, audit trails, and backups, protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and
    availability of sensitive data and information.
  • NetSuite SuiteAnalytics offers business intelligence and reporting that allows platform
    organizations to gain insights into their platform performance, user behavior, and financial results.
    SuiteAnalytics enables platform organizations to create dashboards, reports, and KPIs that help them
    optimize their platform strategy, operations, and growth.

NetSuite offers several benefits for platform organizations, such as:

  • Scalability: NetSuite can handle large volumes of transactions and data, as well as support the
    growth of platform organizations with its flexible and modular architecture. NetSuite can also
    integrate with other cloud services and applications to extend its functionality and reach.
  • Visibility: NetSuite provides real-time visibility into the performance and health of platform
    organizations, with dashboards, reports, and analytics that cover various aspects such as revenue,
    expenses, cash flow, customer satisfaction, user behavior, and more. NetSuite also enables platform
    organizations to monitor and manage their compliance and risk exposure with its built-in controls
    and audit trails.
  • Efficiency: NetSuite automates and streamlines many business processes and workflows for
    platform organizations, such as billing, invoicing, accounting, inventory management, order
    fulfillment, customer service, and more. NetSuite also reduces the need for manual data entry and
    reconciliation, as well as eliminates data silos and duplication across different systems.

In conclusion, NetSuite is a powerful and versatile software that can help platform organizations
achieve their goals and objectives, by providing them with a single source of truth, a unified view of
their operations, and a flexible and agile platform to adapt to changing market conditions and
customer demands.