Online courses replacing classroom study

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Will classroom study soon be a thing of the past?

4apps group, 27 October 2021

Before corona, few people imagined that working from home could work on such a large scale. Can a study or courses be taken online just as easily? Or do we long for those good old school days again? 

Very intuitive

I myself have recently taken several online courses from Netsuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS). I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of studying and how intuitively I was guided through the process. There is a separate training for each topic. You can therefore very easily choose what suits you. If you have chosen a subject but it still doesn’t suit you, you can easily switch to another subject. Each subject in turn is divided into different chapters. This makes it easy to quickly select what you want to learn. Each chapter contains an explanatory video in presentation form. 

Less travel, less expenses, less worries

I really enjoyed being guided through the process first. Halfway through, I was given a number of multiple choice questions. Without noticing it, it made me pay more attention while watching the video. After all, you want to get the questions right! Studying online does not require a physical location where everyone gathers. Less travel, less expenses and less worries that someone next to you might sneeze or cough. Not everyone has the same pace or learning style though. Classroom teaching can be an inhibiting factor for some, while again it can be too fast for others. Some people learn a lot from visual images, while others pick up material better when reading or hearing it. 

Disadvantages of online courses

E-learning allows you to set your own pace and allows you to use your own learning style. Yet studying online does not have only advantages. For example, there are also trainings that cannot be given without physical presence. Think of soft skills training or role-playing. Nonverbal communication will be partly lost if you are going to do this online. Like working from home, studying at home requires discipline. No one is watching you and you have to reserve time to really sit down and do it. 


Recently, I rarely sat at my computer all day. The online courses gave me a great opportunity to continue my studies even when I had an hour to spare. This flexibility in studying was really a big advantage for me. What I also found remarkable, is that Netsuite does not assume a finite training or study. The desire to gain knowledge is something that is constantly present and the study offerings from Netsuite are adjusted accordingly. This way you always stay up to date with the latest knowledge. 


It is clear that studying online offers many advantages over studying in a classroom. I myself have experienced the advantages as very positive and my preference is definitely for online study. Classroom study will never completely disappear, because some subjects are just not done justice through an online platform. A bit of nostalgia for the school is good, but in these modern times you can’t do without online study!

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