Life isn’t fair

Life isn’t fair

Of course life isn’t fair. If life were fair, then you and I would probably be sitting on a tropical beach or some sunny terrace enjoying the view. With life being unfair, we all have to do things we didn’t ask for every now and then, both as a company and as an individual. Things too that we don’t even benefit from as a business. In fact, we often deal with such matters reluctantly. These matters include changes in the way you have to report VAT. We honestly don’t know many people who get excited about that.

Well, we do! There is nothing more rewarding for us than ensuring that VAT ends up in the right boxes and can be reconciled up to transactional level. The icing on the cake is that it can even be done with a few mouse clicks. Getting all the figures right is actually quite satisfying, especially if they can be accounted for adequately. You will probably agree to a certain extent, although going to all the trouble yourself is a different story…

Every man to his trade

At 4apps we are happy to get our teeth into, say, a new e-invoicing requirement. New requirements tend to trigger our creativity to solve it efficiently. In case you were forced to do it yourself and you weren’t feeling like it (while we did), you know that it isn’t done in a jiffy, to say the least. Every man to his trade, right? Ours is to come up with efficient solutions for VAT reporting requirements, in particular for the E-Business Suite.

Since life isn’t fair and you would rather be at home on the couch or on a sunny terrace, we have developed the itax4apps VAT solution. We keep track of (international) VAT developments and translate them into adjustments in reporting and accountability. In doing so, we allow you to spend more time on other, probably more interesting matters. In this way, we make life just a little bit less unfair…

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