In Memoriam:
Marc Plug (1968 – 2020)

On January 17, 2020 our beloved colleague and friend Marc Plug died due to the consequences of acute leukaemia. This has been a devastating blow to everyone who has worked and lived with him. Marc was a very social, driven, honest and straightforward colleague. We will dearly miss his passion and energetic personality, but he will be part of our 4apps DNA forever.

Marc was one of the four shareholders of 4apps and a permanent member of the Management Team as the Director of Sales. He was one of the main faces of 4apps. Not only for our customers, but for our employees as well.

Marc joined 4apps in 2008 as a sales manager for our Business Intelligence practice and managed to convince us of his skills in a very short time. Shortly after that, he became one of the owners of 4apps. Our management team felt complete with the addition of Marc. How well we complemented each other was most noticeable during the sessions in which the four of us planned our business strategies. On Thursday evening we came together to eat (which Marc really enjoyed), to drink and to talk about anything and everything, except for business related subjects. That was something we saved for the next day. On the Friday it was remarkable how quickly we could agree on the decisions to be made. An organic chemistry which proved how well we fit together as a team.

Marc was a motivator and inspirer and open to listen to anyone else’s arguments (even though he could be ‘a little’ restless at times). The many personal responses we received after his passing have confirmed that Marc made a lasting impression on the people he has met throughout the years. It means a lot to us and to his family to know he was able to touch and inspire people by being himself. His energetic and social character was most notable for everyone within 4apps during our company meetings and during the annual pub quiz he organized, when he put off a great show as a very entertaining presenter.

Supported by our valued colleagues, we now continue as a triumvirate without Marc, whereby the 4 of 4apps will always remain the symbol of the good times we had with our lost mate.

The photo on this page shows a proud and happy Marc with a large bouquet of flowers he received from his colleagues for his 50th birthday, November 2018. This picture shows Marc like we will remember him forever.

Diederick Bosman, Frank Laarhoven and Laurens Voogt