Goodbye to VAT returns in Poland

Goodbye to VAT returns in Poland

With Brexit still dominating the news, there is a certain risk of other important developments in the EU remaining underexposed. We have already seen significant VAT changes in Italy and Portugal. Meanwhile, companies in Poland and those in other countries trading with them, are (or should be) preparing for the introduction of JPK_VDEK. With this new format, VAT changes from declaration tax to assessment tax with all the consequences that entails.


JPK_VDEK is a simplification in a way which is the good news. Until now, companies have been submitting VAT returns and VAT transactions in two separate SAF-T files (Standard Audit File for Tax), i.e. JPK VAT and JPK-7 respectively. However, as of July next (expected start date), both can be submitted in a new standard called JPK_VDEK. This new file consists of a “VAT return” part and a “VAT evidence” part. With this measure the Polish Ministry of Finance eliminates the obligation to submit a separate VAT return as the new file will contain all information that is currently presented in the VAT return, including:

  • Summary of the amount of VAT payable to the tax office
  • Amount of VAT to be refunded
  • VAT to be carried forward to subsequent periods

EBS adjustments

More than ever before, all VAT transaction and VAT return data should show no deviations since they are all merged into one single file. With reconciliation becoming even more important at the same time, this calls for adjustments to be made in EBS systems, the most important of which are:

  • Installing a new patch to be delivered by Oracle that contains the correct file information (or carrying out the relevant changes yourself)
  • Adjusting EBS output
  • Testing the data exchange with the tax authority

Fundamental change

As some of you may remember, the implementation of the JPK files that are currently in use wasn’t done overnight. Why not leave it to experts who have been there before? Especially since a transition from declaration to assessment tax is a very fundamental one. Getting the numbers right from the outset has never been more crucial. So why reinvent the wheel when people at 4apps have already been ‘cycling’ for many years? Just hop on and let us do the pedaling! To ‘book a ride’, please contact Henk Tiesma at