Yelloobee 3.0 is released

Yelloobee 3.0 is released

Today we proudly announce that Yelloobee 3.0 has been released. In this release new functionalities, new design and performance improvements were implemented.

New functionality

The VAT solutions for Poland and Romania are now available. In addition, the audit file framework has been extended with SAF-T (or similar) reports for Germany (GDPdU), Romania, Poland (JPK) and Spain (SII). These audit files can be easily created, reported and communicated to the tax authorities. Wherever possible, use has been made of integration with web services.


The design and collaboration within the application has been refreshed and improved, making it easier to create tasks and start a conversation about reports.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Various optimisations have been carried out that have considerably improved the performance of a number of reports. There are also a number of bugs fixed.