Get the most out of Oracle EBS.

Get the most out of Oracle EBS.

Simplicity is key

Welcome to the new standard in Oracle EBS reporting. Get immediate answers to operational questions from 100+ operational reports.

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Experience in simplicity

4apps has been helping clients unlock information from Oracle EBS for more than 17 years. One thing we’ve noticed in that time is that all of our Oracle EBS clients struggle with reporting, even though more than 80% of them have the same information needs, namely operational reporting.


What have we noticed?

From our experience, we’ve learned that most organisations find it difficult to develop reporting systems themselves, due to the broad functionality of Oracle EBS and the complexity of the Oracle EBS data model. Internal IT departments – where information issues usually end up – often have extremely limited availability and are sometimes dependent on external resources.

In addition, management, upgrades and expansions are usually difficult and unnecessarily expensive, and organisations end up reporting on the basis of simple database exports. These are highly editable, often time-consuming, and increase the chance of mistakes. On this playing field, Yelloobee is at its best. The clever, user-friendly reporting tool takes the challenge out of reporting – quickly and efficiently.

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Simplicity is the standard

Simplicity always pays for itself. With that in mind, we decided to develop Yelloobee; a tool for use in ‘standard’ situations that makes transactional and steering reports for Oracle E-Business Suite easy to understand and work with.

Key principles in developing Yelloobee were:

  • Provide business users with content that makes sense! In other words: more than 450 operational – process-driven – reports as standard.
  • Reports must include an option to drill down to the lowest level of detailed information from Oracle./
  • Reports must enable the user to zoom in to Oracle screens, to view invoices for example.
  • Reports must be process-supporting and provide good end-to-end process information (not modular like Oracle EBS).
  • Reports can be generated for a specific reference date.
  • The overall solution must be simple and extremely user-friendly; end users must be able to adjust reports themselves quickly and easily, with no or minimal support from the IT department or outside contractors.
  • Stable through upgrades (11.5.10, R12.x and Cloud ERP) with guaranteed continuity if you transfer to a new version of Oracle.
  • A solution based on the authorisation and security of Oracle EBS.
  • Fast and simple to install; the more than 450 reports should be available within days.
  • Availability on all devices (tablets, smart phones, browser).

Every operational issue has a simple answer

Yelloobee makes working with the complex Oracle EBS data model simple. Outstanding items, ledger card, reconciliation with the GL, VAT declarations and filing, project status overviews, ageing analysis, number of FTEs within the organisation – all this and more at your fingertips. No experience with Oracle E-Business Suite required, and no need for modelling or programming.

For every business process

Yelloobee adapts to your business process. Produce your own reports and receive information that supports your process. This includes reports for processes such as:

  • Finances to Accountability (Finances)
  • Transaction to Declaration (VAT)
  • Order to Payment (Purchasing)
  • Project to Completion (Project Costing)
  • Sale to Receipt (Invoicing)
  • Investment to Decommissioning (Fixed Assets)
  • Order to Delivery (Order Management)
  • Recruitment to End of Employment (HR)

Save time and money

Yelloobee is at least four times cheaper than developing reports yourself. Let us convince you and let Yelloobee work for you.

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