The successful VAT Experience Conference marked the start of a new VAT community

The successful VAT Experience Conference marked the start of a new VAT community

On 28th September 4apps and EY welcomed 26 Tax managers and controllers. The event was hosted by Plantronics in their new state-of-the-art HQ in Hoofddorp.


The participants got an insight by EY of the new digital world VAT is moving to. Plantronics explained the steps they took to automate the VAT declaration process and at the same time realizing the complete audit trail for any VAT booked VAT amount.

Before this implementation they had to take a lot of manual steps to report VAT and in the same time they had to adjust the wrong bookings, all in a small window of reporting time at month-end.  Now they can report with a few mouse clicks. The VAT summary is every day up to date which in itself gives the opportunity to carry out corrections during the Month.


4apps presented the itax4apps application which is being used by Plantronics. Itax4apps has been implemented internationally by Plantronics. EY explained their VAT Analytics tool, which helps companies to discover flaws in their VAT process, including possible financial and compliancy impact. Presentation and demoes were based on live data from Plantronics, which is quite unique.


The opportunity to share knowledge and experience was highly appreciated. As a result, plans for a specific Oracle eBS VAT community were embraced and a LinkedIn group will be started soon.

When you are interested to learn more on what was presented, please contact us:

Henk Tiesma at or Marc Plug at