Practice-based testimonial

Who experiences the added value of itax4apps on a daily basis? Who’s in the best position to speak to the benefits of itax4apps? Exactly: our clients. A word from: Rob Frankfort, International Tax & Treasury Manager at Plantronics.

Our team focuses on advising on and settling international tax and treasury processes. Although VAT is a periodic and fairly routine process for us, it was a relatively time-consuming undertaking until recently. The chief benefit of itax4apps is the realisation of substantial time gains. What’s more, activities involved in the periodic VAT declarations for the various European countries are now more easily transferable between members of my team. That is quite helpful when it comes to potential sick leave or holidays.

Because itax4apps immediately notifies the user of incorrect entries, even during the current booking period, we are better able to anticipate the VAT end-of-period cycle and our workload at the end of each period is decreased.

This is crucial for us, and what really makes the difference is itax4apps’ 100% audit trail-proof design. We feel confident entering into communication with tax inspectors across very diverse regions. The team from 4apps Group is also highly skilled and responds quickly when we need an answer or advice on an issue–and fast. That’s something people greatly appreciate in our line of work.

I’m also of the opinion that the VAT process is often underestimated by our fellow tax professionals, in terms of its impact. Due to the substantial effects VAT can have on capital requirements, its proper settlement is really a top priority for us.

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